Our Core Values

i-max is made up of 2 words, “i” and “max”, each representing our beliefs.

“i” represent each and every one of us in the company, either as an individual or as a whole, in a group. This represents the basis of the existence of the company, combination of all employees from the topmost management right down to our ground staffs and workers, each has his/her core role and responsibility to fulfill towards the company’s goal.

“max” carries the maximum effort from everyone in the company, exploring each maximum potential while maintaining the maximum level of standard and safety, in providing maximum customer satisfaction and resulting in maximum profit for the company and eventually maximum pleasure and benefits are reap for every single person in the company.

In summary, i-max is a belief to create wealth with the respect of each of our individual needs, in a harmony and safe environment for all.


i-max 是由两个单字 “i” 和 “max” 所组成,个别有它的象征意义。



总而言之,i-max 的名称表示了公司的信念,在创造财富的当儿,也努力的塑造一个以人为本,互惠互利,和睦安全的环境。